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  Published: Wednesday,26th Aug, 2020


Well – its been a while! We all never imagined at the beginning of March that there would be no meetings, village events, or seeing friends at the Pheasant and the Church for so long. We are, of course, still living with restrictions although it is good to see people around and about, especially at the pub and church and we hope that things will continue to ease and – eventually – we can get back to normal Glaston village life.

However, the VH committee have reluctantly decided that we should not resume our regular committee meetings and full social events until at least early 2021. That, of course, is going to depend on many factors including further easing of social distancing, etc. We will, of course, keep everyone posted on this and this is why we have produced a special edition of the Glaston Gazette – so as to be sure to reach everyone with the news and also to let you know about some other matters.

Contact details

We are very conscious that there are some villagers who may not be on the present e-mail distribution list (especially as we have had some new people moving into Glaston recently). So, if you would like to be included on our e-mail list so as to receive village and local news for the immediate future then please e-mail Steph and she will add you to the list.


For the meantime, the regular e-mail updates will continue. We reiterate that if you would like any piece of news or information to be circulated round to other villagers then please get in touch with Steph and she can add items to the e-mail updates as and when necessary. She will continue to include in these e-newsletters snippets from local news, pieces posted on Facebook, the County Council website and other sources of information. By way of reminder, the other ways of keeping in touch are via facebook (Glaston Village, Rutland) and the website (

The rest of this special edition of the Gazette focuses on specific items including updates about the church, playpark, ongoing fundraising and news from the Old Pheasant.





We are currently in the midst of the planning process. Inevitably things move slowly and are not simple. We are immensely grateful to those who are handling this for us and hope to be able to share a more definite idea of the way forward in September. Neil Johnson continues to ably assist the PCC with making grant applications and has so far secured external grants to the tune of £13,750. Needless to say, our own fund-raising has pretty much come to a halt during the lockdown but we need to demonstrate to grant-giving bodies that we are trying to help ourselves hence the Virtual Pet Show (see elsewhere in the Gazette).




Throughout the lockdown we have been able to share an email service compiled by Revd Jane Baxter each week. It arrives on Saturday and can be used at any time that is convenient. This is continuing for the time being and if anyone else would like to receive a copy contact Arrangements can also be made to print and deliver a paper copy. Normal services have now been resumed at church. Meeting together is good, however it does require things to be different. We have to be spaced out, there is no singing and the government requires us to wear masks in church. We are, however, allowed to hold services outside (no masks required) and our first on Aug 9th was very successful. Whenever weather permits services will be outside.


Currently the church is unlocked on Sunday afternoons and most Wednesday evenings. The cleaning required restricts us from opening more regularly but if anyone has a need for access, arrangements can be made by contacting David Lee. 


The churchyard has continued to be excellently maintained all through the summer but recently there has been an increased problem with dog mess. This makes it very unpleasant for anyone cutting the grass so PLEASE, PLEASE clear up after your dog. If you forget a bag there is usually a supply in the church porch and there are bins at both ends of the churchyard.





As I am sure many of you have seen, the playpark is currently in a bit of a poor state. We have recently had an inspection by a company with a view to letting us know the cost of either repairing or replacing the equipment. We have now received the full report and the outcome is that much of the existing equipment needs to be repaired/replaced. We are waiting for a quotation and once that is received Sue Colliss and Steph Talbot will be starting to look at where we can go to get financial assistance for bringing the playpark back to life. We are looking to perhaps not only have childrens’ play equipment but also an adult gym area, BBQ/patio area. These are all ideas that we would like to pursue but, of course, will depend on cost and whether we can secure any grants. You may recall that in the last gazette before “lockdown” we were looking for someone to help with playpark admin. As mentioned, Sue and Steph are looking to take this forward but would be more than happy to receive help from anyone who would like to be involved in this project. We really want to get the playpark back up and running and create an outside space for everyone to enjoy.





Congratulations to Steven, Gene and the Team for making the Old Pheasant so inviting. The garden is lovely, the food is great and we can trust them to make sure we all social distance properly. If you haven’t tried it out yet, do book a table – if there are any spare!





Whilst our usual forms of raising funds are difficult to maintain at the moment it would be good to find some creative ways of raising money, especially toward the church roof fund and, possibly, helping with the playpark renewal. So, any ideas would be gratefully received.

Car boot sale

One recent suggestion is to use some of the donations of jumble to do an open-air car boot sale and some volunteers have said they will take this forward. We are very grateful for all the donations of jumble/sale items and if we can use some of these to generate some funds via a car boot sale (as the usual jumble sale option may not be available for a little while) then that would be great.

Christmas raffle

Earlier in the year (before you know what!) we had started to gather donations of raffle prizes for the fete that never was. So, it has been suggested that even if we are not able to have our usual Christmas Social we could still organise a raffle, using prizes pledged (if those who had offered prizes are still happy to do so) and hold a draw (possibly in the Old Pheasant in the run up to Christmas). We will update via the e-newsletter as to whether this will go forward but any feedback on this idea would be very useful.

Virtual Pet Show

Plans are afoot to have a Virtual Pet Show in the second half of September. It started out as a Dog Show but it has grown to include cats since we don’t want to be accused of discrimination. There are also a couple of classes for any pet. This will be a Fundraiser, to be shared between the Church Roof Fund and Bisbrooke, in lieu of the fetes we couldn’t have. Entry will be £10 a household (to give entry to all classes) and is not restricted to residents – pass it on to family and friends and see if we can get entries from all over the country. Dog theft has been rife so we are working on a way to ensure that viewing entries is restricted. Entries will initially go to Sue, either digitally on or by hard copies through the Grange letterbox. We still have some other finer details to iron out but so that you can get snapping right away, the classes are listed below.  Full details about entering, paying and seeing the Show will be delivered at the beginning of September. (Please don’t send anything yet)

Dog Classes

1 Most appealing eyes (head shot only)

2 Best smile (head shot only)

3 Handsomest male (full body shot)

4 Prettiest female (full body shot)

5 Veteran 10yrs or over

6 Puppy under 1 year

7 Scruffiest canine

8 Most relaxed dog

9 Action shot



Any pet

10 Best of friends (with human or another animal)

11 Owner lookalike

Cat Classes

12 Handsomest male (full body shot)

13 Prettiest female (full body shot)

14 Comfiest cat

15 Cat on the alert

16 Cat working from home (open to interpretation!)



The next bonus ball period will be due to start at the beginning of October. Steph will be sending out the usual invitation letter during the course of September. She has a note of those of you who have already paid their stake which, of course, will be used for the forthcoming period.






One of the positives that has come out of the Covid-19 situation is the amazing amount of contributions to the new initiative of village foodbank boxes to assist Rutland Foodbank in their vital work which, of course, is even more vital now. The latest collection took place on Wednesday, 19th August and – as usual – Glaston’s two boxes were full and we were pleased to see that people had taken on board the appeal for crackers, breakfast bars and soap! So a huge thank you again! The next fortnightly collection will be on 2nd September. Also thanks goes to Steph Fitzpatrick for continuing to organise the storing of the donations and boxes and also putting the boxes in the church porch every day!

The current “shopping list” from Rutland Foodbank includes:

















This scheme was set up by some villagers who wanted to make sure that no-one was left unable to get food, medicines or general assistance at the beginning of lockdown. We are continuing to maintain the “help” and the co-ordinators of Steph Talbot, Steph Fitzpatrick and George Johnston are happy to put those who need any help in touch with those who are able to help.




From the editor: A friend of our family who has just turned 88 sent this to me and I can’t resist repeating it here.

A Seniors Version of Facebook ….For those of our generation who do not and cannot comprehend why Facebook exists:

“I am trying to make friends outside of Facebook while applying the same principles. Therefore, every day I walk down the street and tell passers-by what I have eaten, how I feel at the moment, what I have done the night before, what I will do later and with whom. I give them pictures of my family, my dog and of me gardening, taking things apart in the garage, watering the lawn, standing in front of landmarks, driving around town, having lunch and doing what anybody and everybody does every day. I also listen to their conversations and give them the ‘thumbs up’ and tell them I ‘like’ them. And it works just like Facebook: I already have 4 people following me: 2 police officers, a private investigator and a psychiatrist.”

I should say, of course, that we are very grateful for all the great posts on the village facebook page that keep us informed, amused and entertained all at the same time!


If anyone has any comments or further information then please email us at

Thank you.

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