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Neighbourhood Watch

Details of the scheme for Glaston

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The Glaston Neighbourhood Watch scheme covers all streets and premises, both residential and commercial, within the village.

In addition the following premises, which lie just outside the village are also covered by the scheme: Bisbrooke Hall, Glaston Carpets, Carberry Farm, Coppice Farm and Hinman's Farm.

The scheme co-ordinator is Russ Horne, who can be contacted via email Here

Please note that all suspicious or criminal activity should be reported to the police via 101 (for non-urgent activity) or 999 if considered urgent and not to Russ.

Glaston is part of the Rutland South Beat which itself is part of Eastern Counties Neighbourhood, Leicestershire Police and can be contacted via email Here

The purpose of the scheme is

  • To assist the Police in fighting crime and the fear of crime.
  • To encourage people to be vigilant for themselves and each other.
  • To promote awareness of residents to criminal activity in their area.
  • To keep members of NW informed of current problems and liaise with the local Police Force in finding solutions to these problems.
  • To inform members of security and community safety measures.
  • To encourage a willingness to report anything suspicious.

The aims of the scheme are

  • To seek ways of helping to reduce criminal activity in our village.
  • To involve more residents in the NW scheme.
  • To encourage greater use of I.D. marking equipment.